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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you source your milk from?

We get our fresh milk delivered each day from Pensworth Dairys based in Southampton, to find out more about them click here


How do I start to order milk and groceries from you?

Simple… You can place a standing order online or Call one of our office  on this number 020 8520 5943 and we will take your order or have your local milkman call on you


Do I have to pay by cash can I pay by cheque?

Yes of course, a lot of our customers pay by cheque, simply leave a completed cheque in the payment envelope supplied by your milkman...Don't forget your name and address on the back!

Or you can pay online by clicking here or over the phone.


How often do I need to pay?

Our Milkman call once a week,fortnight or month to collect payment whichever you would  prefer.


What should I do with my empty glass bottles?

Leave them out on your doorstep the night before your delivery and we will collect them when we deliver. They will then get returned to our processors where they are washed and sterilised and reused.


Can you deliver heavy items for me like water, potatoes etc?

YES! long gone are the days your milkman only supplied milk, we provide a free delivery service over essential items including big heavy items like water and potatoes click HERE to see what we deliver


What days of the week do you deliver?

We deliver Mon-Sat but most of our milkman deliver 3 times a week such as Mon - Weds -Fri or Tues – Thurs- Sat,  it depends on the individual area, please enquire what days are available for your area


Do you deliver to offices and business?

Yes we can set up an account for any local business  in the city,westend or anywhere in East London.


Can I change my order at anytime?

Yes of course, nothing is written in stone, you can change your order up or down anytime you wish, online, over the phone or a note to your milky


What time can I expect my delivery?

90% of all our deliveries are made by 8.30am


Meet Our Suppliers

Our products come from a variation of local suppliers which you can see below

Our milk comes from Pensworth Dairies in Southampton, find out more about them here

Our sourdough comes from Today Bread in Walthamstow, Find out more about them here

Our Honey comes from Bee17 in Walthamstow, Find out more about them here

Our Bacon, Sausages and Cheese comes From Church’s of Epping, find out more about them here

Our Coffee comes from Curved Brick Co in Leyton, Find out more about them here